Water Otter Power Washer

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Turn any portable extractor into an incredible tile and grout machine with the Water Otter! By hooking your pressure hose to the Water Otter instead of your portable extractor, you'll get 1200 psi of raw power to blast grout lines clean! Now you just need to hook your vac hose to your portable extractor, and put on a good tile and grout tool (SX-12 or Gekko come to mind) and you're ready to clean tile with the best! * Commercial Duty * American-Made Pump and Motor * 1,200 psi, 2.2 GPM at Nozzle Tip * 14.3 Amp High Efficiency Motor * Maintenance-Free 1,200 psi Pump * 1,000 Hour Continuous, Full Load Rated * Simple Repair, Low Cost Parts * Each Component The Best Available * GFCI with 35' Cord * Female Garden Hose Inlet * 1/4 Female Quick Connect Outlet * Max Water Temperature 189 degrees * 120 Volt, 8 to 15 amps.

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