Vaportek Restorator - Odor Control System

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The Restorator is an ideal unit for odor treatment in vehicles and areas up to 20,000 cu. ft. Just load the compact machine with an industrial odor neutralizing cartridge and turn it on. Cartridges are rated for up to 200 hours of service. After initial restoration, scented secondary cartridges may be used to diffuse a pleasant scent into the area.  Scents available are Berry, Lemon, Orchard and Forest.

Vaportek odor control systems provide immediate odor neutralization in situations where other methods may fail. These systems incorporate natural, non-toxic essential oils and odor neutralizing compounds in patented membrane cartridges that breathe a penetrating dry vapor into the air. Unlike fogging and ozone treatments, Vaportek products can be used in occupied structures. They will not harm people, plants or animals, or affect fabrics, rubber, adhesives and other materials and surfaces. The systems have been proven effective in fire and flood restoration, industrial and healthcare facilities-even in eliminating difficult-to-remove urine odors.

Xactimate Code: CLN DODRMEM

Cartridges: AR39 - Vaportek 3X Industrial Cartridge - Neutral Scent AR39S - Vaportek SOS Cartridge - Smoke Odor Solutions AR48A - Vaportek Cartridge - Neutral Scent AR48B - Vaportek Cartridge - Berry Scent AR48C - Vaportek Cartridge - Lemon Scent AR48D - Vaportek Cartridge - Orchard Scent AR48E - Vaportek Cartridge - Forest Scent AR48F - Vaportek Cartridge - Cinnamon Scent AR48G - Vaportek Cartridge - Lavender Scent

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