Turbocat Zoom

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The TurboCat® Zoom is engineered with exclusive Z-Tech design and features a sleek new profile.  There's never been a quieter, more powerful turbine powerhead.  Remove embedded dirt and dust more effectively while easily maneuvering the lightweight TurboCat Zoom.

Our exclusive Z-Tech design delivers these benefits and more:
Operates without Additional Electricity

The Turbocat Zoom is a powerful air-driven powerhead that operates without electricity, power cords or batteries.  This powerhead harnesses the airflow of the central vacuum system to generate maximum airflow and deep cleaning power.  Installation and operation are easier and less costly.

DeepSweep II Brush Roller

DeepSweep II Brush Roller relies on a proven design of tufted bristles to ensure deep cleaning contact.  Ribs and traps, located at both ends of the roller and one side of the belt, block debris and allow for quick and easy cleaning of the roller.

Multi-Port Base Plate

Multi-Port Base Plate is surrounded by recessed channels to increase airflow and enhance vacuum performance.


Run-Silent Bearing Isolators

Run-Silent Bearing Isolators encase the turbine bearings for quiet performance.  The Isolators hold the turbine firmly in place while reducing vibration.

Soft Pro-Tech Bumpers

Soft Pro-Tech Bumper protects woodwork and furniture from "bumps" during vacuuming.

Easy-Glide Front Wheels
Easy-Glide Front Wheels provide easy maneuverability and responsiveness.

Large Air Intake Port

Large Air Intake Port facilitates dirt entry and provides improved cleaning performance.

Self-tensioning, non-slip belt

Self-tensioning, non-slip, Silent Drive Belt reduces vibration, noise and maintenance.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The suction from the vacuum source is what operates the TurboCat vacuum head.  Damage as a result of overheating and/or melting of the vacuum head mechanisms because of increased operating speeds due to high suction is NOT covered under product warranty.  We strongly recommend using the TurboCat Zoom with a Vac Relief (AW54) to allow for vacuum pressure regulation.

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