Fiberlock Recon Smoke Odor Sealer

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A Revolutionary Solvent Free Smoke Odor Sealant and Stain Blocker

Availble in both Clear and White Coatings

RECON Smoke Odor Sealer encapsulates smoke odors on structural surfaces and blocks tough stains.

ULTRA RECON Smoke Odor Sealer, a premium solvent free smoke odor sealant and stain blocker designed to eliminate malodors on multiple surfaces and block tough staining.

Ideal for structural, finished and decorative surfaces, ULTRA RECON Smoke Odor Sealer is water based and does not contain flammable solvents. Its multiphase technology provides one coat odor control on most surfaces and continues to block odors even with seasonal changes in temperature and humidity.

Finish grade, solvent free
One coat odor control
Moisture permeable
Blocks pet and trauma scene odors
Works with temperature & humidity changes
Easily accepts topcoat
Eliminates odors on multiple surfaces
Available in white and clear

Coatings & Sealers in Fire Damage Restoration

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  overviewASTM E 96B Testing @ 10 Dry Mils (3091 Clear)
ASTM E 96B Testing @ 10 Dry Mils (3090 White)
ASTM E96B Testing @ 18 Dry Mils (3090 White)
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