Particle Counter & Data Logger

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Particle Counter & Data Logger

A true Laser Particle Counter with 2 size ranges (>0.5 & >2.5 microns) - small (bacteria, mold, etc) large (pollen, etc.)

The DC1700 is our improved, battery operated air quality monitor. Like earlier models it features technology and engineering that allow monitoring of indoor air quality. The LCD screen provides small (>0.5 micron) and large (>2.5 micron) particle concentrations along with a dynamic bar graph showing instantaneous particle activity. Like earlier models in has multiple modes including minute, hour, day and monitor to evaluate your air quality, but also includes the following improvements:

Battery Operation

The DC1700 has an internal battery which provides up to 6 hours of continuous use (one or more days of typical usage) on a single charge. The DC1700 can also be operated off AC using the included wall adapter.

PC Interface Included

The PC Interface is standard with the DC1700, but is improved because the stored data is output along with the time it was taken. This data is output in a format ready to load into a spreadsheet program such as Excel for further graphing or analysis. A 9pin serial cable or USB-to-COM Port Adapter (AC8453 not included) is needed to link the DC1700 to your PC or laptop.

Large Internal Memory

The DC1700 has an increased internal memory which can store up to a week's worth of time-stamped data recorded every minute (about 10,000 samples). This means that the DC1700 can be left in a location sampling and then brought to a PC where the data can then be downloaded and loaded into Excel or other spreadsheet programs for analysis.

Real Time Clock

The DC1700 has a real time clock which is used to time stamp the data in stored internal memory. The user can set the time and date easily from the front panel of the DC1700.

EMI Shielding Included

Like the DC1100-PRO-EMI, the DC1700 is shielded against Electro-Magnetic Interference. This means the DC1700 will count accurately even in close proximity to sources of interference, such as industrial machinery, flourescent lights, and high voltage power supplies found in some air purifiers.

Rapid Update

The DC1700 will have the rapid update feature of the DC1100-PRO-EMI as standard. This means that the DC1700 readings will respond fully to a change in particle concentration within 6 seconds.

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