Odorx C.O.C. Crystal Odor Counteractants

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ODORx C.O.C.™ Professional
Powerful granular odor absorbent.
Professional-strength C.O.C. in convenient place-anywhere canisters. Open container in affected area or sprinkle as needed. A long-lasting deodorizer effective against many of the toughest odors.

C.O.C. Professional is an exclusive combination of chemical odor neutralizers and natural absorbents in a ready-to-use formula packaged in 6 ounce (180 mL) canisters.

Use to:

  • Deodorize insulation, wall cavities, ceiling voids, etc.
  • Neutralize odors caused by sewage, smoke, decay, putrefaction and more.

C.O.C. is most effective when used within the Proven Odor Removal System.
COC Professional User Guide

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