Hydro-Kinetic Upholstery Cleaning Tool

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Hydro-Kinetic™ Upholstery Cleaning Tool

The most innovative upholstery cleaning tool ever developed!

The Hydro-Kinetic Upholstery Tool remains the industry standard for high volume cleaning. Its unique design produces a high-velocity shearing action to efficiently remove soil from the fabric. It is unsurpassed in cleaning ability and fast drying times.

Conventional upholstery cleaning tools have by-passed the cleaning power of modern equipment because of a fear of over-wetting. The Hydro-Kinetic Upholstery Tool allows you to use a higher solution pressure and a more effective vacuum pressure to achieve maximum cleaning without the fear of over-wetting.

The Hydro-Kinetic Upholstery Tool has an open port vacuum chamber that allows the full kinetic force of cleaning solution to pass over and across the fabric, not through it. It eliminates over-wetting and overspray, even under the highest water flow conditions.

  • Prevents over-wetting and solution flow through
  • Maximizes high-velocity solution shearing and cleaning
  • Cleans faster, with no extra dry passes required
  • Leaves the fabric dry in minutes
  • Trigger valve helps maintain maximum control and minimize chemical waste
  • Fits easily in tight spots, corners and edges with no messy overspray
  • Teflon head provides smooth glide while protecting fine fabrics and wood trim
  • Internal solution hose and swivel cuffs allow easy movement

The Hydro-Kinetic Upholstery Tool simply cleans faster and better without over-wetting or solution flow through. It is highly effective for all types of upholstery, oriental rugs and fringe, office partitions and fabric awning applications.

For a demonstration or more details please see to your local distributor of Hydro-Force cleaning accessories and equipment.

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