Hydro-Filter - Inline Waste Filter

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In-Line Waste Filter

New Design Improves CFM by 11%*!

*Test performed using a White Magic Pro 1200 Truckmount

The Hydro-Filter is an essential part of your business; the advanced polymer is designed to withstand impacts and high temperatures and allows you to impress your customers by showing them how much dirt is removed something not possible with opaque filters. The redesigned stainless steel filter protects your vacuum motor from harmful debris and maximizes your machine's CFM output. Additionally, the screw on lid eliminates broken latches so you can focus on your work, not on repairs.

**Stainless steel filter included**

AC10A - Hydro-Filter Cover
AC10B - Hydro-Filter Body
AC10C - Hydro-Filter Stainless Steel Filter
AC10D - Hydro-Filter O-Ring
AC10F - Hydro-Filter with Flash Cuffs
PPR100431 - Pro Team Intercept Micro Filter

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