HydraPort 100 Single Cord

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HydraPort 100 Single Cord

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HydraPort 100 Single Cord

Heated Carpet Extractor

The HydraPort 100 Single Cord is the culmination of a major engineering and design initiative of US Products that emanated from direct field input of cleaning technicians who used high performance portable extraction machines every day. It represents a dramatic step forward in implementing unique, productivity enhancing features that considered even the minutest detail. These features go a step beyond traditional componentry that is common to most extractors - pumps and vacuum motors - and take into account the most common annoyances expressed by cleaning technicians. For example, moving the solution tank filling site to a location where the inevitable spill does not come in contact with any electrical components or switches. No detail was overlooked.

  • 140" water lift
  • Heat up to 212 degrees
  • 1100 Watt heater
  • Ergonomic design allows for easier loading, transport, and reduces fatigue
  • Unique transport handle design makes movement, maneuverability and control around a facility a breeze
  • Handle on top of tank assist in lifting, loading/unloading and acts as a vacuum hose guidance system
  • Recovery tank design features a sloped tank design to the disposal hose makes for more complete emptying of recovery tank and the recessed channel for the ball float reduces turbulence
  • Easy-fill solution tank access port is designed to make it easier to fill from bucket at average lift height. Located away from electronic switch and controls reduces maintenance issues
  • Low moisture/environmental footprint reduction system: Less water combined with higher heat means faster drying, less chance of soil wicking from pad or shrinkage. High heat system reduces chemical usage in cleaning and reduces need for chemical sanitizing of surfaces
  • Wand caddy is molded right into the extractor, allowing for easier mobility and transport
  • Recessed electronic switch plate protects switches from solution tank and reduces water exposure
  • Two front panel roller wheels assist in loading and unloading from transport vehicle
  • Oversized, rubber grip wheels make it easier to transport up stairs and faster to move and maneuver from one room to another
  • The 3-stage vacuum motor has unrestricted airflow for superior water recovery. Closed, sealed system reduces wear and extends vacuum motor life
  • Extension cord wraps to protect extension cords and make maneuverability and transport through facility easier

Standard Features:

  • 12.5 gallon solution tank
  • 11.0 gallon recovery tank
  • Two handles for easy maneuverability and loading
  • Handle on tank to assist loading/unloading and to guide vacuum hose
  • Extension Cord
  • Oversized, rubber grip rear wheels
  • Two front panel roller wheels
  • Easy-fill solution tank access port
  • Molded wand caddy for easy transport
  • Recessed channel for ball float
  • In-line, after-the-pump, heater
  • Heater has lifetime warranty
  • 1 year parts and labor warranty (exclusions apply)
  • Price listed is for machine only
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