Fiberlock IAQ 5000 Stain Blocking Primer

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IAQ 5000 is a quick drying, high performance 100% acrylic latex coating specifically designed to prime stained or water damaged surfaces.

IAQ 5000 provides exceptional adhesion and stain blocking properties and may be used on interior or exterior surfaces to prevent most bleeding type stains, seal porous surfaces and provide adhesion to hard and glossy surfaces.
IAQ 5000 also contains a fungistatic agent to resist mold growth on the dry coating surface. IAQ 5000 provides maximum breathability, adhesion, and holdout to prolong the life of the finish. Fiberlock IAQ 5000 is recommended for use on wallboard, plaster, sheetrock, masonry, wood, concrete, aluminum, and galvanized metal.

IAQ 5000 complies with the requirements for LEED® EQ Credit 4.2, low-emitting materials: paints and coatings

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