Fiberlock IAQ 3000 Masonry Block Filler - White

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Brick and masonry block are often difficult surfaces to coat due to their porous nature. IAQ 3000 is ideal for prepping these overly porous surfaces to be top coated.

Fiberlock IAQ 3000 is a high quality interior and exterior block filler formulated to fill small imperfections and pinholes in masonry block and porous concrete before topcoating.
This product contains mineral type fillers and fine silica aggregates which fill voids in masonry surfaces. This 100% acrylic block filler is easy to apply, alkali resistant and provides a uniform surface capable of receiving all types of finish coats. Fiberlock IAQ 3000 is not water sensitive after application and its flexibility and durability are the best available for a block filler, far superior to cementitious and PVA type formulations.

IAQ 3000 complies with the requirements for LEED® EQ Credit 4.2, low-emitting materials: paints and coatings.

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