Contec Mold Test Strips - 25 Pcs

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Mold Test Strips

The Contec Mold Test Strip is a simple, do-it-yourself test designed to detect the presence of protein-containing organic matter,such as mold, mildew, blood, body fluids, and allergenic materials like pet and human dander, dust mite feces, etc. The Mold Test Strips are non-toxic and contain no harmful chemicals or ingredients, making them safe for use on most common surfaces and finishes found in residential, institutional, and commercial buildings, including porous and non-porous construction materials and HVAC/Air Ducts.

Fast & Simple To Use:

Our Test Strips are so easy to use, anyone can do it! Just moisten the test strip detector pad with bottled drinking water or distilled water, touch to pad to the test surface or material for 10 seconds, then wait 60 seconds and compare the color of the pad to the Pass-Fail color chart on the container. It's just that simple results in less than two minutes.

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