1.5" S-Bend Wand, 2 Jets

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Stainless Steel 2-Jet Carpet Wand

This popular wand is now available to work with high or low pressure and high temperature. This precision, all-stainless wand has extra length which means a longer and more comfortable stroke. It handles up to 1200 psi, has a 12" head, comes with two 11002 jets and an adjustable handle!

Replacement Parts:

B064 - Jet
PCMPV1175 - Valve
PK25130 - Valve Repair Kit

Replacement Parts (Old Model):

100013 - Valve
PKI251K - Valve Repair Kit
PMV64 - Trigger Handle for Valve


AW529D - Hydro Glide Delrin (POM)
AW529T - Hydro Glide Teflon (PTFE)

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